Daymond John

Daymond John continually proves what branding can do for a company. He started from nothing, and through branding, became a legendary American success story. 

Daymond was raised in Queens, New York, and grew up in "The Hood." While attending Bayside High School, Daymond joined a program which allowed him to work a full-time job every other week to make some money. Shortly after graduating high school, Daymond realized that the hats which were being worn by many of his friends were overpriced, and decided to sew some himself with the help of his next-door neighbor. They undercut the popular hats and sold their replicas for half the price, and made $800 in one day selling in front of the New York Coliseum.

Daymond saw that there was money to be made in this business, and convinced his mother to mortgage their house to raise capital. He also quickly began expanding their product lines to include sweatshirts and t-shirts, and started branding each one with his FUBU logo. In 1993, Daymond convinced LL Cool J to wear one of his t-shirts for his promotional video and campaign in order to gain exposure. From there, FUBU took off and signed contracts with huge companies including Macy's, J.C. Penney, and the NBA. By 1998, FUBU had revenue of $350 million, and currently has generated over $6 billion in global sales.

Like the other Sharks, Daymond appreciates making a good deal and seeing a nice return on his investments. At the same time though, he has a particular soft spot for entrepreneurs who have worked through similar situations as him, and who remain persistent at achieving success.

With a powerful reputation as a global CEO, Daymond is constantly asked to speak at various events and organizations to deliver some motivational words. Daymond also started his own marketing firm, Shark Branding, which works with celebrities and brands to create a consistent image of them and their products, and help create additional revenue streams worldwide. Speaking of worldwide, one his top clients is Pitbull (Mr. Worldwide), the famous Grammy-award winning rapper. Daymond also recently started the Daymond John Academy which he built to teach entrepreneurs how to take their businesses to the next level, using the skills he utilizes with his companies every single day.

Daymond's Quotes:

- "If you don't know how to do something, find someone who does."

- "I was always doing something to make money, because in my neighborhood, money was power."

- "If you do not have a strong foundation, the rest will crumble."

- "I can make you a millionaire within a year."

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  1. Super show. Very to the point people on Shark Tank. You want a product that will create a profit, and benefit people in some way. That is the bottom line. If your product will not help people, or profit them, what is the point of creating it.

  2. Like the different Sharks, Daymond appreciates creating a bargain and seeing a nice go back on his investments. At the same time although home remedies to get white skin he has a particular gentle spot for entrepreneurs who have labored thru similar situations as him, and who stay persistent at achieving achievement