Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec has shown the world that it is possible to create your own success.

Robert was born in Varazdin, Yugoslavia and emigrated to Canada with is parents when he was just a little boy. He lived in Toronto and graduated from New College at the University of Toronto with a degree in Literature and Political Science. To make money, Robert took on one job after another as he delivered newspapers and waited tables.

Robert's first real job was in film, where he worked behind the camera. In between productions, a bored Robert looked for some more work to do, and started working for a computer start-up company called Logiquest, where he eventually became general manager. That lasted until around 1990, when he left and founded BRAK Systems, which he ultimately sold to AT&T Canada in the year 2000, and subsequently retired to devote his time to his three children.

Three years later, Robert founded his company, The Herjavec Group, a company that integrates security solutions, where he remains the CEO. The Herjavec Group is considered one of Canada's fastest-growing technology companies and has annual sales of roughly $125 million. To accelerate growth, Herjavec's strategy often includes making acquisitions, some of which include Metacomm, Cyberclix, and Zentra Technologies.

Like Kevin O'Leary, Robert stars in both Dragon's Den and Shark Tank where he has the opportunity of investing in entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Aside from his obvious passion of business, RObert is an avid race-car driver and even competes in the famous Ferrari Challenge. Robert also enjoys running and golfing and living a luxurious life with his family in his homes in Toronto, Ontario, and vacation spots around the world.

Robert's Quotes:

- "Listen, I'm giving you a fair offer."

- "This is not an investment I'm going to be making today."

- "Can I try it?!"

- "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness."

Robert's Books:

Robert wrote two best-selling books in the past few years. The first is about reaching success, entitled Driven: How to Succeed in Business and Life, which he wrote in 2010, and the second is about achieving happiness in life, and is entitled The Will to Win. 

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  1. Robert, I have an idea that I want your help with. I am willing to give you what ever percent of the idea you feel is fair because I know you are fair. Actually I have 2 products and I believe they will both be worth billions each. I would like to ask for your assistance. I want to ask you to trust that I am honest and willing to give you as much of the profits as you request. Please let me tell you what my plan is and you will know what to do from there. I do not have a patent so I do not want to reveal the product on this platform but will explain the products (not in public). Would you please allow me to give you the information in a protected form. I watch shark tank and feel you are honest and have integrity and I know we will make a lot of money from these products...I have been waiting for several years looking for someone (the right person) to bring these products to fruition. I am the mother of 4 sons, 1 daughter, I have worked hard all my life and believe I am sitting on 2 very profitable and needed, and great ideas. I would really appreciate your believing, you will also profit and be very glad you took the time to hear my plan. I am worried someone will market one of the ideas before I do so I really need your help. Every time I go to the store I look to see if my product is on the shelf because it is only a matter of time before someone else does it. And it is going to make them billions. Please take a chance with me to at least hear what I have and trust I am sitting on 2 really huge and great next big thing(s). Thank you for your time, Sincerely Diana O'Connor. )P.S. I am using my son Austyn's Google account, my name is Diana O'Connor

  2. Very to the point people on Shark Tank. You want a product that will create a profit, and benefit people in some way. That is the bottom line.

  3. Mark Cuban is a better man and you can't stand it!!! You offer deals and never close them and make people lose opportunities with other Sharks who unlike you keep their word. I only seen one deal go thri in all your years on the show and that was chord buddy

  4. Lol the quote im giving U a fair offer!!! You don't even close on your offers after the show airs and I look it up there is some lame excuse why you didn't go through with it. I can see some of the time but almost everytime I beginning to think its you .