The Reel Deal

Kodak Moments in the Tank!

meany pants shark tank
Take that Mr. Meany Pants!

thief broom shark tank
You thief! You really do come in on a broom!

food in portfolio shark tank
One of my main agendas this year is
to put food in my portfolio.

steve tisch kicked to curb
Lori just kicked me to the curb!

lori greiner megawatt hero
This is a mega-watt hero.

mark cuban offer a million dollars
Are you done playing games with these guys?

shut up kevin o'leary
Shut up Kevin!

kevin o'leary versus mark cuban
Let me finish talking Mark.

hobby should be taken and shot
It' a hobby that should eventually be taken
behind the barn and shot!

That mental thing is not holding up
That mental thing is not holding up!

lori greiner isn't barbara
I'm not Barbara!

prejudice mark cuban
That's wrong, I'm out, as Kevin says - with prejudice.

lori responsible shark tank
You have to be a responsible person.

kevin o'leary scratch out a living
I'm just a guy trying to scratch out a living.

life caps no food diet
I haven't had any food for 8 days!

kevin oleary shark tank mean
Kevin being Kevin.

mark cuban boom goes the dynamite
Boom goes the dynamite!

lori greiner shark tank invisiplug
I already said that was my final offer.

robert herjavec shark tank
Do I hear a yes?!!

mark cuban entrepreneur's advocate
I'm the entrepreneur's advocate.

wall doctor rx shark tank guppies
Now I know why they call you Sharks and not guppies.

daymond john shark tank ever ever
Ever ever ever ever ever!

shark tank tipsy elves sales
Our sales are $862,000!

shark tank robert herjavec funny elf grinch
So Mr. Grinch and the Little Happy Elf
couldn't get a deal today?

shark tank daymond john clothing expert
Shawn, you're dead to me too.

shark tank kevin and daymond decision
We need a decision.

robert herjavec shark tank reason goes out
For that reason, I'm out.

mark cuban shark tank evaluation bossy
Don't listen to Kevin about that stuff -
he's the worst at evaluations.

kevin o'leary shark tank feel bad
I almost feel bad about it, but not really.

shark tank's robert herjavec wearing a spirithood
Do you see adults wearing this?

mark cuban on shark tank doesn't like spirithoods
I'm not feeling this one.

spirithoods on shark tank is a lifestyle brand
We're more than a hat company. We're a lifestyle brand.

shark tank mark cuban differentiates
There's nothing here that can't be
reproduced by someone else!

shark tank robert herjavec tastes great chocomize
This tastes great!

Shark Tank Kevin O'Leary
It's that moment when I say you're dead to me.

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs
We are pre-revenue.

shark tank robert herjavec

shark tank robert herjavec
I made an offer that's good for you
and for me!

shark tank mark cuban
She's telling you that she's out in like
9,000 words and seven paragraphs.

shark tank robert herjavec harvard
You have a Harvard M.B.A?

shark tank daymond john
Robert, you always act so surprised by everything you see.

shark tank mark cuban
And you heard that I like to get fat?

shark tank blog mark cuban
Lori you're being a hypocrite!

shark tank blog kevin lori
I never make deals that I think are stupid.

shark tank blog entrepreneur paparrazzi
This has been my heart and soul for two years.

shark tank blog lori greiner
I would want a lot bigger piece of the pie.

shark tank robert herjavec blog
I gave you a very fair offer when these guys didn't.

lori greiner woman shark tank blog
Don't double-dip!

shark tank entrepreneur bread pudding
A yogurt store for bread pudding.

shark tank blog mark cuban risk
Your biggest risk is you!

shark tank blog entrepreneur picture
Are you guys ready for something good?!

shark tank blog kevin o'leary nothing like it on earth
This is the Shark Tank.
There's nothing else like it on Earth!

shark tank daymond john deal fubu
Not that deal.

shark tank blog 180 cups pitch
I have revolutionized this cup!

shark tank blog kevin o'leary trajectory
All of the companies we invest in get an
immediate trajectory out of the gate!

shark tank blog lori greiner qvc
I have a direct-door policy with Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

shark tank blog john paul dejortia
Our company has distribution to most parts of the world.

shark tank lori greiner

shark tank better life pitch blogspot
This is a dirty floor.

shark tank daymond john and mr. wonderful
You owe me 5% for helping you get that deal.

shark tank blog mark cuban zombies
Everywhere I go I see zombies.

shark tank haunted hayride
The Haunted Hayride

shark tank daymond john investor
In marriages, one person is right,
and the other person is the husband.

shark tank kevin o'leary funny and mean
The consumer experience of getting ripped off
blind isn't going to be a pleasant one.

shark tank blog kevin o'leary mr. wonderful
They won't be friends for long!

shark tank blog pitch elephant
We raised $100,000 from our local friends.

shark tank mark cuban rich
Guys, now you're blowing it.

shark tank lori greiner queen of qvc
I already said that.

shark tank blog kevin o'leary and lori greiner
Thanks Lori, stop singing my praises.

shark tank robert herjavec funny investor
How many of these are we selling right now?!

shark tank stop the madness
Stop the Madness!

shark tank blog fiberfix herjavec

shark tank deal entrepreneur
We would love to do a deal with you!

shark tank barbara corcoran vs lori greiner
I just got trampled over by Barbara!

shark tank billionaire mark cuban mavericks
You know what, we're tired of it.

shark tank blog royalty barbara
Why don't we go knock 'em out and do the deal without a royalty?

shark tank bog robert herjavec nice
There is no product like this.

shark tank blog lori greiner qvc blue
You are one hand-shake away from making a deal.

shark tank kevin o'leary devil
You have been tempted by the devil of inventory.

shark tank blog kevin o'leary finance
No, it's a very smart and financially astute deal.
Oh yeah, that is a Kevin deal!

shark tank that's a kevin deal
That's a Kevin deal.

shark tank robert herjavec blue suit
Why do you need the money?

shark tank blog barbara corcoran power brands
What I do well is I build Power Brands!

shark tank kevin o'leary greek mythology
Let me tell you a story about Greek mythology.

shark tank mark cuban sucker
When you walk into the Tank, if you don't
see the sucker - it's you!

shark tank blog robert herjavec ok corral
It's like a gunfight at the O.K. Corral

shark tank kevin o'leary smart
I'm gonna spice it up in the Shark Tank a little bit.

shark tank surfing company deal

shark tank mark cuban dallas mavericks
Not impressed, not impressed.

shark tank blog robert herjavec business
I wanna be in this business.

shark tank radioactive kevin
This business is radioactive waste - it sucks.

shark tank sunday night slow jams
It's the Sunday Night Slow Jaaaaaaaaams!

shark tank kevin o'leary and lori greiner
(Singing) How do I get my $75,000 back?!

shark tank brian mcknight
Oh, and here's Brian McKnight!

shark tank the freeloader deal
This is what we created: The Freeloader.

shark tank lori greiner eyes

shark tank blog rapid roman cooker
Undeniably, I wouldn't take it.

shark tank funny kevin o'leary
Little Bo Peep.

shark tank mark cuban mush mush
Let's hear a "mush mush''!

shark tank financial investment
Give me five!

shark tank magic potion deal
And I told my son it was a magic potion that would
give him sweet dreams...and he bought it!

shark tank kevin o'leary wallet
You need a big wallet, happen to have one.

shark tank stupid fool mark cuban
You're a fool, I'm out.

shark tank bad sales deal
That is nothing!
shark tank shut up kevin o'leary
Shut up Kevin!

shark tank best show ever mark cuban
Wake me up when it's over.

shark tank social network networth
Right, the social element.

shark tank mark cuban probably

shark tank mr. wonderful kevin o'leary
The evil laugh!

shark tank biggest deal in history
One million dollars!!!

shark tank moment lori greiner
This is a defining moment.

shark tank mango mango mango
We won't ever give up.

shark tank kevin o'leary bow tie
That dog has a bow-tie on!

shark tank barbara corcoran postcard
I think of a postcard as a present.


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