Performance Criteria

The following criteria are used to rate the Overall Performance of each entrepreneur we critique:

1) Presentation: Presentation is a huge part of business. Many people suffer from extreme stage freight and get sweaty the minute they open their mouths, while others are so overconfident and egotistical they mess up without even realizing it. Poor presentation skills can of course be tied to a person's nature, but are many times a result of simply failing to rehearse. The Shark Tank is no place for mess-ups, as first impressions go a long way. For that reason, Presentation will account for 50 points of the entrepreneur's overall performance.

2) Strategy: Some entrepreneurs are cunning in the Tank while others are clueless as to what to say or do. This criterion often differentiates between the winners and losers in the Tank, and only a handful will achieve a maximum 25 points in this category.

3) Product: With a maximum of 25 points, this rating judges the actual product, service, or business idea which is the center of the deal. There are some products which we all kick ourselves over as we scream"why didn't I think of that?" Products which serve real purposes are generally worthy of higher ratings as they tend to solve everyday problems. On the flip side, products which are just useless and of little value to anyone will receive lower ratings. 


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