Barbara Corcoran's Shark Tales

I know that after many people watch Shark Tank they feel a sense of motivation to create products, be an entrepreneur, and get rich. It's a great feeling, and I for one enjoy reading books and watching shows which motivate me to work hard and succeed. I recently read Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran, and I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to expand their feelings of motivation and encouragement. The book is about how Barbara Corcoran became a Shark, and is essentially the story of her life. But unlike most books which just tell a story, this one is unique in how it is written. Each chapter is really divided into two, the first half being an important lesson learned in her childhood, and the second half that lesson being implemented in her jobs. So the book doesn't really go from her being born to where she is now, but rather  part of her childhood, part of her work experience, then back to childhood, and back to work experience, until it catches up to her being a Shark. The book teaches great lessons, is very motivating, and is really easy and relaxing to read. In addition to this, once you know her life story, you can understand why she says certain things on Shark Tank. For example, in almost every episode Barbara will say something like "trust your gut" or "fun is good business". Reading this book will really make Shark Tank more enjoyable to watch, as you see the reasoning of why she says these wise phrases, and how she got to this point. Hope you enjoy!