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I have to agree with Lori Greiner- you guys are the perfect couple. Finishing each other's sentences, sharing the same vision, that's the way to go! And only are you guys awesome, your product is also. You took a problem that babies and their parents deal with every single day, and you invented a solution: A bottle with a weighted straw that allows babies to drink every last drop without spilling, is easy to clean, and fun to hold and drink from. That's really what entrepreneurship is all about. Finding problems and creating solutions. 

There were a few very interesting moments on Shark Tank with Lollacup. The first thing that struck me as odd was Lori Greiner not wanting in. The "Queen of QVC" as she likes to be called probably has hundreds of thousands of women who watch her show. Now even though the products she sells are mostly feminine products, if you think about it, the Lollacup is also. Moms are the ones who are going to buy them- not the babies. If what Kevin O'Leary said is true, that the Lollacup will become the new sippy cup, why wouldn't she want to grab it and add it to her inventory of products? 

But fine. Let's say she can't sell enough on QVC alone, and since you really need large retailers to sell your product and she doesn't have those connections, she decided to let a different Shark have the opportunity. But that brings me right into the next point I wanted to address, which is why on earth didn't you accept Daymond's offer? Not only did he give you guys the best deal at 30% for $100,000, but he's the one that has all these retail connections. He can probably get the Lollacup in any retail store you want, and has the manufacturing experience to know where you can make the best margins. I just don't understand why you didn't seize his offer. The only possible reason I could think of was that since Robert Herjavec told you to give him a counteroffer, that you felt bad ditching him and making the deal with someone else. But seriously. And this is a lesson for everyone that enters the show. Don't feel bad for the Sharks. They are each worth millions and millions of dollars, and don't need your product to be successful. They may make you feel guilty, but ultimately that's just greed manifesting itself. You are the ones who need to strike the best deal there is, and in Lollacup's case, that was definitely Daymond's offer. 

Another interesting moment was Mark doing his teenage girl trick, when he told you that if you didn't accept his deal within 24 seconds he would sit back down and you would lose him as an investor. That strategy can be very effective sometimes and works really well on some people, but it was not really appropriate at that point in time. There were other deals on the table, and you could really tell that he wanted in and wasn't going to disappear after 24 seconds. Anyway, you got a great deal with Mark and Robert, and I'm sure they will manage to make your company a huge success. Overall performance: 7.5. Congratulations. 
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