Invis-a-Rack's New Opportunity

Donny McCall, the inventor of the Invis-a-Rack who appeared on Shark Tank a few weeks ago is not backing down. His product allows pickup truck owners to quickly and easily assemble a rack for the back of their trucks that can carry just about anything. Just about all the Sharks loved his product, but it was his stubbornness that threw them off. Donny insists that the Invis-a-Rack be manufactured in the United States and not outsourced to China, as he feels that would help the economy by providing jobs to Americans. However, as we all know what interests the sharks the most is making money. And one of the best ways to make money is by not spending it in the first place, or by spending as little as possible. Manufacturing items such as the Invis-a-Rack is a lot cheaper in China, and that is exactly what the Sharks wanted. Because of this debate, the Sharks were not interested, and Donny was once again on his own to make his product successful.

Today, ABC put out an interview with a couple of Sharks and Donny McCall, describing where he is up to now.

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This just once again comes to show how beneficial the show can be to entrepreneurs. If he takes the offer of manufacturing it in America, and gets his product on shelves in The Home Depot, this product alone will make this man quite rich. And at the end of the day, he will have Shark Tank to thank for it.
Jeff HopkinsComment