@ Bev Buckle

BA BAM! Wha'd you say? You're not a cowboy? Oh, me neither. But the Bev Buckle is for everyone. Cowboys, dudes at the bar, college parties, cowboys, and even cowboys!

Just look at the picture on the left. Who wants to look like that? The Bev Buckle looks like it was made alcoholics and cowboys, not the average consumer. It's for people who can't be more than two inches away from a beer, so much so that they wear it on their pants. The idea is self-explanatory. But how many people would actually buy one of these and walk around looking like that? Not enough to get my investment.

However, Barbara Corcoran invested in this business, buying 51% for $50,000. Why? To me it's simple. This man came in front of the sharks saying that he has had a very difficult time paying bills and now he has a baby on the way. He invented this product and has sold a bunch, but needs a lot of help and diffusing bombs is not a good option. Barbara looks at his sad puppy face and tells herself that she can make this man feel better for fifty grand, so why not? Besides, she will control the business and most likely put it into someone's hands who can return her the investment and more. He accepts the offer with a BA BAM! and everyone lives happily ever after. In my opinion, stupid idea and a waste of Barbara's money, but I guess she sees it differently. She gave this man hope and perhaps a wonderful future, but to me the product is just a bad idea, all emotions aside. I will give him props though for getting the sharks to bite. Overall performance: 6
Jeff HopkinsComment