@ Alpha M.

Remember this guy? I don't think I'll ever forget him! He came into the Tank claiming that he can teach men how to dress fashionably for a mere $297. I can't even write this without laughing. Who does this man think he is? Who would trust him more than any other person or magazine? And how many men do you know who don't know how to dress themselves and have the money or even care to dress nicely? What is the business model here and who in their right mind would even think about investing in it?
If you want to sum up these questions into one, it would simply be: Why on earth was this man on Shark Tank? Because if you ask me, it was either to complement Mr. O'Leary or to make me laugh. And if those were his purposes, he certainly succeeded. But that's just about all the success he will see. 
I really don't think anything else has to be said. The idea is preposterous, the man is a self-loving narcissist, and he wasted 15 minutes of Episode 2. Overall performance: 3 (and that's just for showing up in a suit!)
Jeff HopkinsComment