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Dots Dots Dots-Black Pillowcase DressVery cute. Adorable. But not my style. I just don't like the look and the whole concept of little kids running around dressed in monogrammed pillowcases. To me it just looks cheap and ridiculous. But although this may be true, it doesn't mean it can't sell and make millions, as Lori Greiner said, exactly like the ShowNo which is now being sold in Disney parks. Anyway, Kevin, Daymond, and Lori sure thought it was a great idea and were all interested in investing. Kevin wanted a royalty deal, whereas Daymond and Lori wanted $50,000 for 30%. After much arguing and fighting, Daymond, the fashion expert, got the deal. What was interesting about this pitch though, was the level of greediness displayed by Lori Greiner. In a way, this episode was a flashback to the one from last season when Lori pulled out her checkbook and wrote a check on the spot to motivate the entrepreneur to make the deal. This is Lori's trick to dealing with pressure and getting her way. See, the Sharks do these tricks to try and get the deal they want. Mark does his 24-second shot clock, Barbara takes her deal off the table quickly, Lori does this check shtick, it's all the same. What's not the same though is the desperateness portrayed by each shark. Lori acted as if her life depended on getting the Cozy Bug deal, and she was literally creating enemies among her fellow sharks trying to get it. Why? We get it. She has QVC, she can get it into stores, she can make a lot of money from it. But it's not like she needs it. It's not like her portfolio will show negative numbers at the end of the quarter is she doesn't get it. Why does she have to beg and beg as if she needed it and couldn't live without it? Because she's greedy. And we all saw it on her face clear as day. The look of jealousy she had when Daymond got the deal was enough to make you throw-up. And I gotta give Daymond props for this one. He sat there, told his story how it is, told her what he is capable of, and waited patiently for her to accept, while Lori sat there crying like a little girl begging for a lollipop. Daymond was no doubt the right choice as he lives and breathes fashion. Daymond John is to fashion as Derek Jeter is to baseball. Symbolic and synonymous. At the end of the day, Cozy Bug made the right decision, it just shouldn't have taken so long. Overall performance: 8

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