@ Freaky Freaker

Beep Beep Beep Beep Boop Boop Boopeedoop Beeep. What's wrong with you man?! There is no freakin' way you were sober in the Shark Tank. You have a cool product, a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you come in high! You're out of you mind.

Honestly, if you were a normal person, you would have got an investment. Your product can easily become a lifestyle brand and is a novelty item which could be sold in large retailers and boutiques internationally. I could see Mark or Daymond investing in the Freaker, if someone normal was behind it. You come in making truck noises looking like a clown, yet asking for an investment from millionaires and billionaires. Where's your respect? Where's your dignity? What was going through your mind exactly?!

For those of you who didn't get to see Episode 6 this season, the Freaker is basically an elastic sort-of material that is designed to stretch over all bottles, cans, and glasses, no matter what shape or size. There are numerous designs for the Freaker, and future design possibilities are limitless. The owner of this business though came on to the show acting like a freak, turning off the Sharks and thereby leaving him without an investment. The bottom line is a clear lesson: In the business world you can have fun. You can be creative. You can be entertaining. But you can't be an idiot. You can't seek an investment from Sharks when you are high as the moon and on another planet. Think before you act. Especially when it's on national television. Overall Performance: 2
Jeff Hopkins3 Comments