@ Shemie

Did you intend to share your life story with America, or was it an 'OTS' (on the spot) moment?

From what it sounded like, you were really not planning on telling the Sharks about your previous issues with alcohol and bankruptcy. No one blames you for trying to keep that private, but didn't you realize that sharing this information with the world would be a consequence of appearing on the show?

In terms of your product, the Shemie, it's cute but is there really a demand in the market for it? I mean if women can purchase similar products which also solve other issues such as Spanx or other shapers, why would they buy this one which is just an undergarment? There are many questions which remain unanswered after Shemie was featured on Shark Tank. Did you sell this product in particular in your previous business or was it similar but something different? What are you going to tell Nordstoms if they are willing to carry your product and you don't have an inventory?

At the end of the day, I don't think Shark Tank was the right move for you. Your company is just six weeks old and you have no sales. You were forced to discuss your personal matters with the world. You only have one product. These are all things which turn the Sharks away. I know you can't reverse time, but for all the entrepreneurs out there who are considering Shark Tank, this can serve as a strong lesson.
Jeff HopkinsComment