@ Partie Poche

Let me start off by saying that the two of you don't even deserve to be blogged about. You have embarrassed me.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a business student in a prestigious college on the East Coast. I have taken many classes, studied hard, and given many presentations over the past few years. Like every student I have had good professors and bad ones, and have learned to take in whatever lessons I can from each and every one of them. What have you guys done? You've taken the classes, put in the hours, and worked your butts off. But for nothing. You know why? Because you demonstrated on national television that it went in one ear and out the other. You either didn't take to heart anything your professors have taught you, or your professors themselves don't know how to teach. Something tells me it's the first of these two. But worse than this, you've embarrassed me as a business student. You left Shark Tank causing people to think that business students don't learn anything, and that all they are, are arrogant, selfish, snobby buffoons. Well America, I'm here to tell you that that description accurately describes these two business students. But not the rest of us.

We know that before we pitch to investors whose combined net worth are upwards of three billion dollars that we have to be prepared. We know that valuing a business, which only sold 200 units, at $500,000 is absolutely ludicrous and insane. We know that wasting the opportunity that Shark Tank offers is a crime. And we know when to shut the heck up and listen to what other have to say, especially when those "others" are considering investing in your business.

What more can I say? I am embarrassed as a business student by the behavior displayed by these know-it-alls. The student entrepreneurs on the show are usually the most inspiring for me to watch, and these two have completely disappointed me. But my dissapointment goes beyond the scope of the show itself. Like half of all Shark Tank viewers I like looking up the featured products and learn more about them and how successful they have been since the airing of the show. It is already common knowledge that the night of your airing, your website traffic increases a thousand fold. Knowing this, every entrepreneurs on the show prepares for this traffic whether it be by attaining servers or just stocking product. Yet Partie Poche has done neither of these. They told us they have $50,000 in the bank, but have not taken the time to build any web presence or platform on which one can purchase this product. Just a few days ago they put up what appears to be a free Wix website page that says that they are out of stock. It just amazes me.

I wish I can end with something positive, but I just can't. Very few Shark Tank entrepreneurs fit into your category, which I think from now on we should label as 'the buffoon category'. You've wasted an enormous opportunity, embarrassed yourselves in front of millions of people, and worse, embarrassed me and every other business student in this country. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Overall Performance: -1

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