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Bibs are like diapers. They get dirty and always have to be thrown out and replaced by fresh ones. Bibbitec is a product meant to make bibs no longer like diapers, and to instead have a bib that lasts for months, even years. Made of a non-toxic, soft material, Bibbitec bibs have slots for the  baby's arms and head to slip through, offering a full upper-body coverage to eradicate messes. It's easy to use and has many purposes, but in my opinion, one obvious flaw.

Baby products have to look like baby products. They have to have cute teddy bears on them or something of that nature, because that's part of what makes babies adorable. Yes they are cute on their own, but just like seeing a baby in comfy dinosaur pajamas is heaven on earth, seeing a baby in a cute-looking bib is also. Bibbitec bibs are certainly practical and maybe even economical, but to me are just not appealing. I don't want my baby to look like he's ready to go for an x-ray, I want him to look like he's ready to get messy and just be a baby. And I know that will mean me cleaning his bib or buying a new one, but that's part of the package of having a baby!

Of course, it is the mom who purchases everything for her baby from clothing to furniture to toys. And the question I want to know the answer to is what moms prefer more: Something practical that makes their busy lives a little less hectic, or something that adorns their baby and costs a little more in the long run? You know my side of the argument, and to strengthen it let me give you a scenario to picture in your minds: You are sitting with your family eating dinner and your baby is acting all cute making a mess and has apple sauce all over her face. You run upstairs and grab your camera to take a picture so you can embarrass her by showing it to her fiance 20 years from now. You take the picture and save it in your photo album, also known as the folder on your laptop entitled "pictures". Then 20 years later you take a look at that picture. Is your baby with apple sauce all over her face wearing a bib with animals, shapes, and colors on it, or is she wearing a bib that looks like an x-ray apron? Share your thoughts below.
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