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I'm not gonna lie. My first reaction of this strange-looking product was probably the same as yours. It wasn't a "why didn't I think of that" moment, rather a "why would someone think of that" moment. But five minutes later when they unveiled their "newer product", the Travel HoodiePillow, I stared in amazement and jealousy wishing I had in fact been the one who thought of it.

Rebecca Rescate is the first entrepreneur to appear twice on Shark Tank with two different products. In Season 2 she partnered with Kevin Harrington (CEO of TVGoods and Chairman of As Seen On Tv) on her cat potty-training kit company called CitiKitty. Now, after reaching sales of almost $5 million with CitiKitty, Rebecca has partnered up with another entrepreneur to bring the HoodiePillow to market. Without going into too much detail about the negotiations, HoodiePillow struck a deal with Robert Herjavec and are ready to reach the masses with their products. The more brilliant of their two products is certainly the Travel HoodiePillow, as it is definitely something any frequent flyer will purchase. It provides a dark, private setting, and the chilled feeling of wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. I absolutely see the potential for this product in retail, catalog, and infomercial, and would be completely surprised if it isn't successful.

But I have one striking question that I would like to know the answer to. That is, if CitiKitty is so successful thanks to Kevin Harrington and his ability to market any problem-solving product, why didn't Rebecca just give him a call and ask him to invest in this product also and continue working his magic? Unless she did and there's something she isn't telling us? I don't know the answer to this, but I think I know why she chose to revisit Shark Tank regardless of her existing connection with Kevin Harrington. It's simply because she is smart and cunning. She knows that Shark Tank is what made her rich from CitiKitty, as it brought thousands of customers to her website and nationalized her brand. And this was her intention with presenting HoodiePillow as well. Whether she actually needed the money or not, I would say her primary purpose for coming onto the show a second time was to build the same level of awareness she got from her first company. Therefore for all we know she could have spoken to Kevin Harrington and he could have been her ticket to getting on the show a second time. I am not positive, but I think this is a good guess as to what happened. And if I am correct, then congratulations to Rebecca for pulling this off! Overall Performance: 8
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