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By: Lydia Beeke -  Kent Career & Technical Center, Grand Rapids, MI

Miss Lani Lazzari gracefully stole the show at only eighteen years old. Her simple pitch captivated the Sharks before they could attack her. Before she was even a teenager, Lani started her business, Simple Sugars, which sells well-researched and effective products to relieve several sensitive skin issues. Originally created to heal her own eczema and her aunt’s psoriasis, her recipes are natural and avoid harsh chemicals that often irritate skin.
At only eighteen years old, you might have expected Miss Lazzari to not have the experience needed to support her business, especially as it grows. But that could not be further from the truth. She not only demonstrated her extensive knowledge about her product in The Tank, but also described her advantages over her competition as well as her target market. Even when Mr. Wonderful drilled her on her evaluation of one million dollars, she replied without hesitation. It is safe to say that the Sharks were thoroughly impressed by her maturity as she answered every question flawlessly. Miss Lazzari may have looked young and sweet, but she was certainly not there to play games.
Four out of the five sharks decided against investing for various reasons. If it were just her personality and pitch, she would have had them biting each other to have the deal, but there were issues for each of them. Daymond saw great potential in her business, but opted out simply because he would not help the business grow. Similarly, both Lori and Kevin thought it was too daunting of a task to break into the notoriously competitive cosmetic market. Furthermore, Robert decided it wouldn’t be fair to Lani for him to invest, because he would have to take too much of the business. But then came Mark Cuban. This particular pitch touched Mark because his own son suffers from eczema, and as a caring father he wants a product which actually helps. Because of this personal sensitivity and drive, Mark offered her $100,000 for 33 percent of the company. Lani accepted the mutually beneficial deal, and both were left quite satisfied.

Overall Performance: 9
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