Dangerous Waters

In the Shark Tank, many entrepreneurs receive harsh reality checks. They are told that their businesses are failures, that they are too narrow-minded to ever achieve success, and that they are continuously wasting their money, time, and efforts on projects which should never have been started. While all this is often true, why should these harsh reality checks come to an end when the entrepreneur leaves the Tank?

Welcome to Blog Shark Tank. Our job is to continue critiquing and expound on the criticisms the Sharks so passionately and eloquently deliver to ensure that no entrepreneur swims away without the world understanding what they really did wrong. It is our job to further sink the Sharks' teeth into the tough skin of the entrepreneurs who thought they were worthy of securing a deal in the Tank, and we're darn good at it. Each entrepreneur we critique will receive a rating at the end which will judge their performance based on the criteria of overall presentation, product, and strategy. But don't worry, we will also make sure to highlight the successful entrepreneurs who do partner up with the Sharks and who walk out of the Tank with confidence and pride in their businesses.

Kevin O'Leary has tried time and time again to "Stop the Madness". But, Mr. O'Leary, I am afraid that the Madness is only about to begin...
Jeff HopkinsComment