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The two founders of Kookn' Kap were nothing but smiles and giggles as they pitched their business to the Sharks in a rhyming unison. Kookn' Kap, which is basically a comfortable shower cap that can be worn while cooking, serves two simple purposes: it keeps the smell of food out of your hair, and keeps your hair out of the food. After selling 1,729 Kookn' Kaps in just under a year, Juli and Ozma asked the Sharks for $50,000 in exchange for 20% equity in their business. Unfortunately for them - they didn't get any bites. Fortunately for us - we got to see what an otherwise bald Mr. Wonderful looked like in a bright pink Kookn' Kap!

The Kookn' Kap ladies gave a more than decent presentation. They obviously went for the charming angle as they were rather melodious and dulcet in their tones and tunes. This was an interesting choice being that both Juli and Ozma work in the financial services sector, which probably means they were capable of displaying a more serious and professional side to them. While I'm not saying they were unprofessional, based on their presentation alone they did come across as a pair of women who were not quite business savvy, and as women who just started a business without any prior business experience or knowledge. Surprisingly, this turned out not to be the case. What can I say- the Shark Tank is just full of surprises!

The mistakes in this pitch were quite blatant and were pretty much called out by the Sharks. The first was the spelling confusion in the company logo. While the women insisted that their company was called Kookn' Kap, Kevin was convinced that the logo said Kookn' Karp, and naturally chose to pick on the matter throughout the remainder of the pitch. The logo was written in script, and so it was not completely Kevin's fault for misreading it. But surely a little tweak in the font will easily eliminate this issue without even being noticeable to consumers. The second careless mistake was of course the misprint on the label. Instead of saying that the Kookn' Kap is nonflammable, the tag read "flammable" - a pretty big difference if you ask me!

But these rather minor mistakes weren't the reason Kookn' Kap failed to get an investment. They didn't get an investment because the Sharks felt that the product was just not useful enough, either because women are fine with smelling like the food they spent hours preparing, or because the average woman washes her hair before going out anyway. Inventing a product which does not serve enough of a purpose was therefore the ultimate mistake as far as the Sharks were concerned, as that was the real reason Kookn' Kap failed to get an investment.

Overall Performance: Presentation: 39/50. Strategy: 16/25. Product: 12/25.
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