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Spread it, mix it, shake it, stir it.
Spread it, mix it, shake it, stir it.
Spread it, mix it, shake it, stir it.

Mango Mango Mango Preserves jingled their way into the Tank asking for $75,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in their mango jam business. While they didn't walk out of the Tank with a deal, they taught some invaluable lessons to entrepreneurs and small business owners, three of which I would like to highlight today:

The first is how to give an effective presentation. From the moment these three women walked in, it was clear that they not only had a clear plan of action, but that they rehearsed it to perfection. Their jingle was catchy, their timing was impeccable, and their market knowledge was impressive. But to top all this, their samples were a home-run! Robert alone must have taken quadruples of each dish, and each and every Shark testified as to how great the jams and cream cheese tasted. Getting positive testimonials from all five Sharks is not very common, and is undoubtedly worth the efforts of getting featured in the Tank, even if you leave empty-handed.

The second is about entrepreneurship and friendship. In almost every pitch, the Sharks ask the entrepreneur what his/her background is. In this particular pitch it was Robert who asked this question, and I think we were all somewhat surprised by the answer which was given: A military spouse, a physician, and a registered nurse. Now who would have ever guessed that these three women with very seemingly different ambitions would join forces and create a jam business? It just goes to show that anyone can have that spark of entrepreneurship which can push them to fulfill their true passions at some point in their life. Some people are born with it. Some people are dragged into it. But the bottom line is that anyone can do whatever they put their minds to, especially when their best friends are holding their hands.

The third is the importance of staying positive. Throughout the entire pitch, the Mango Ladies smiled, laughed, and remained positive even when the Sharks were bowing out. They left a very positive feeling in the Tank and showed everyone that even in tough times it is important to stay happy and positive. (And if anyone has any trouble with staying happy, just think about Daymond's reaction when he heard that Kevin O'Leary used to own a jam and jelly business!). I am confident and can only hope that these hard-working entrepreneurs will prove the old saying to be true, that when you smile to life, life will always smile back to you.

Overall Performance: Presentation: 47/50. Strategy: 23/25. Product: 22/25.
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