Five Incredible Business Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn

One of the greatest resources on the web for entrepreneurs is LinkedIn and their Pulse news app. Business influencers from around the world contribute qualitative and informative articles on various topics, each which gets read by thousands, if not millions, of subscribers and news readers. Trying to keep up with each influencer's postings can be quite arduous and time consuming, so I've put together a list of my Top Five LinkedIn Influencers which I strongly recommend following:

1) Jack Welch.

As one of the world's most respected CEO's, Jack needs no introduction. Like his leadership, his articles are filled with guidance and advice which is easy to take to heart. And if you find that you want to keep learning under him, you can always enroll in the

Jack Welch Management Institute

to advance your education.

2) Mark Cuban.

Being that this is Blog Shark Tank, it would have been almost hypocritical to exclude Mark Cuban from my Top Five List. Mark usually posts once or twice a month to his blog,

Blog Maverick

, and shares those articles with his followers on LinkedIn as well. Although most of his recent articles have been about his battle with the SEC, they are worth reading if you appreciate his unique articulation of opinion and style when it comes to doing business.

3) David Sable.

The CEO of Y&R, one of the largest marketing firms in the world, brilliantly combines current events, brands, and philosophies in his

Weekly Ramble. His perfect-length articles are filled with humorous phrases and quotable quotes, and usually end with engaging, open-ended questions for his readers to ponder.

4) Jonah Berger.

Jonah is a marketing professor at the Wharton School of Business, and the author of a best-selling book on viral marketing, entitled Contagious. His passion for analyzing why things go viral surfaces in every one of his articles, all of which are enjoyable to read.

5) Arianna Huffington.

Although Arianna's articles are not always strictly about business, she has a very unique perspective on all worldly matters ranging from politics to entertainment to culture. She is no doubt a high-profile influencer and the brainpower behind the wildly successful Huffington Post.