Shark Bait: Ooog the Caveman (Episode 3)

Each Shark Tank entrepreneur stands in front of the Sharks with a different story to tell. Some have just graduated college and are looking to start their own business and be the next Mark Zuckerburg, others are parents who are looking to grow their businesses so they can secure a strong financial future for their children, and others are best friends hoping to turn their novel ideas into realities. But there are also some entrepreneurs who walk into the Tank seeking money for a different purpose. They want to revolutionize an industry and change the world. Tonight on Shark Bait, Ooog the Caveman, CEO of Fire, stands in front of the Sharks with a plan to revolutionize the cooking and heating industry. Enjoy!

Shark Bait Tank - Ooog the caveman

By: Mike Browne

About the Artist:

Mike Browne is an inventor and artist, as well as the founder of His two latest inventions are Window-Sport Team Decals and his brand new board game, Corporate Bull. Mike's products can be seen on his website. Also be sure to look for him on Kickstarter in upcoming weeks as he releases his new World Cup Designs project.