Shark Bait: Salmonilla (Episode 1)

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs apply each season to be on Shark Tank to get the chance of a lifetime to pitch their business ideas to the Sharks. However, only a few hundred of them get this opportunity, and even less than that are featured on the show. Many Shark Tank fans have wished that they could see some of the entrepreneurs that stood before the Sharks but were just not good enough to earn their spot on prime time television. Well, we're here to make your wish come true in our new series, Shark Bait!

Shark Bait takes a look at some of the aspiring entrepreneurs who made it to the Tank, but didn't get aired for one reason or another. These entrepreneurs range from crazy inventors, comedic characters, and even wild animals! There is never a dull moment in the Shark Tank, so sit back, relax, and enjoy our brand new series as we take a look at those entrepreneurs we classify as Shark Bait.

Shark Bait Tank - Salmonilla

By: Mike Browne

About the Artist:

Mike Browne is an inventor and artist, as well as the founder of His two latest inventions are Window-Sport Team Decals and his brand new board game, Corporate Bull. Mike's products can be seen on his website.

Also be sure to look for him on Kickstarter in upcoming weeks as he releases his new World Cup Designs project.