Shark Bait: Zombie Glu (Episode 2)

If there's one thing Americans are prepared for, it's a zombie invasion. Everyone is talking about how we would defend ourselves and fight off those miserable creatures, but no one seems to care about their feelings. After all, those poor, helpless beings have problems too! For example, Johnny here has trouble staying "put together" not just in high-pressure situations, but every sleeping minute of every day! So he decided to seek help from the sweet and never-ruthless Sharks.

Here's what happened from the moment he sleepwalked into the Tank.

Shark Bait Tank - Zombie Glu

By: Mike Browne

About the Artist:

Mike Browne is an inventor and artist, as well as the founder of His two latest inventions are Window-Sport Team Decals and his brand new board game, Corporate Bull. Also be sure to look for him on Kickstarter in upcoming weeks as he releases his new World Cup Designs project.