DeskView: A Modern Solution for the Modern Office


Have you ever wished of having a standing desk instead of hunching over when grinding through hours of work at the office? You might want to pay attention to DeskView, which provides sleek and flexible standing desk options that would integrate seamlessly into your office or home.

Founder Mike Bolos experienced the same pain many of us have to go through today as he clocked 100-hour weeks as a corporate lawyer. Mike’s doctor informed him that he had tendinitis from his hip down due to extended hours he spent sitting at work. In urgent need of a solution, Mike designed a minimalist standing desk that could be installed on the floor to ceiling glass windows of his office.

Striving to expand his creation, Mike teamed up with Jason Grohowski, a former commercial real estate broker. Jason resonated with Mike’s idea as the need for a cheaper alternative to standing desks was apparent from his clients. Together the duo stepped into the tank seeking $150,000 for 7.5% equity in their business. The pair explained that the desks can be attached on any non-porous surfaces like glass, metal and tile through suction force. The product is made with aerospace grade aluminium housings and industrial grade suction discs allowing the desks to stay on for years after installation and a quick demo even showed the desk being able to hold the weight of Mike himself. Uninstalling the desk simply requires pulling on a lever, leaving the surface undamaged.

Barbara was keen to know the price of the products which retails at $235 for the minimalist and bamboo and $275 for the big-baller which provides extra surface area. The costs lie at $80 per unit with Mike determined to reduce it by half. Jason stepped up to explain the pricey standing desks on the market which range anywhere between $500 to $2000 and with their product vastly cheaper, it has been well received by offices. Jason also reiterated the shrinking square foot per employee which has gone down from 250 square feet to 120.


Regardless of their efforts, Barbara only saw their product for the consumer individual-sale market and did not think dozens of the desks across a office space would be aesthetically pleasing and saw herself out. Robert could appreciate the design and work that had gone into the product but did not see himself using it as a work desk and also declined to make an offer. Cuban followed suit as he saw it as a complementary product. Unsurprisingly, it was Mr. Wonderful who extended the first offer of $150,000 for 15% as he was willing to explore the B2B channel but wanted to focus on selling directly to consumers online. Lori asserted that the price point was too high but extended an offer for $150,000 for 33.3% seeking to become a third partner in the business. Lori was determined to move hundreds of thousands of units and this prompted Kevin to modify his initial offer to 20%. With a tough decision to make, the DeskView team requested Lori to reduce her stake to 20% but she would not bulge, leading them to accept Kevin’s offer.

Online reviews for DeskView have been immensely positive with 5 star reviews on Amazon and a feature on Forbes. The versatility of the desks allow them to be used as a shelf which could cater to individual consumers who want it for their homes. Since it does not take up any floor space, it adds utility to a space while minimizing the need for bulky furniture. This is in tune with the minimalist theme that is taking over apartments and office spaces. Hence, the DeskView team should not limit their focus to either market but expand on both individual consumers and B2B channels. Together with Kevin O’Leary, the young and vibrant Deskview duo will receive the right guidance to multiply sales and increase their already large margins.